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Occupy 2012 was a durational writing performance in which Nicholas Mirzoeff posted to a website writings, ideas and images about the Occupy movement every day in 2012. The project was modeled on durational performance art, like that of Teching Hsieh, whose Outside Piece (1981-82) consisted of Hsieh living outside in New York City every day for a year.

Over the course of the project, Occupy 2012 developed a consistent audience that reached 40,000 people inside and outside the Occupy movement. As the project is now over 300,000 words, Tidal Press have created an Anthology of key themes of the project:

(links to PDF files)

  1. Visuality

  2. Race and Empire

  3. Debt and Debt Resistance

  4. Days of Action

  5. Climate Changing Capitalism

Download the Occupy 2012 Anthology here:

NB: note that it is an e-pub file so you need iBooks

or Adobe Digital Editions to read it.

The Occupy 2012 Anthology.epub